Bike Helmet LED Light

Bike Helmet LED Lights are not created equal.

If you are keen to be visible at night while riding your bike, you can not underestimate the power of a bright LED helmet light. Problem with most bike helmet lights is they are cumbersome, heavy and create a fair amount of drag. That is a thing of the past thanks to the M.V.P. from Fibre Flare. 

Fibre Flare MVP Red Bike Helmet LED Light On Bicycle Helmet

Above: Fibre Flare MVP Red Bike Helmet LED Light on a push bike helmet


M.V.P or Maximum Visibility Possible takes what you know about bike helmet LED lights and evolves the concept in the Fibre Flare way.

The M.V.P. is a highly visible dual LED fibre-optic light that can be attached to any bike helmet. The clever design from Xavier Jablonski gives you variable options of lighting which affects the battery life from the 4 AAA batteries, on stobe you get 90 hours in comparison to the 30 hours on constant light.

Fibre Flare MVP Bike Helmet LED Light In Pack 

Above: Fibre Flare MVP Red Bike Helmet LED Light In Pack

The Fibre Flare M.V.P. is our longest light ever at 34cm (13.4") and offers exceptional visibility at head height which is proven to save lives! There is no missing the red glow of the ultra flexible 6mm high intensity fibre optic which is visible from all angles at over 300 meters.

Fibre Flare MVP Red Bike Helmet Safety LED Light

Above: Fibre Flare MVP Red Bike Helmet Safety LED Light is flexible so fits any bike helmet.

The flexible nature of the fibre optic is what really sets this light apart as it will fit all helmet sizes and shapes using either the silicone slings or adhesive landing pads. So the Fibre Flare M.V.P. can be used on a multitude of safety helmets including: Bike Helmet Light, Snowboard Helmet Light, Motorcycle Helmet Light, Construction Helmet Light.

Fibre Flare MVP Red Bike Helmet LED Light On Various Bicycle Helmets

Above: Various shapes of the Fibre Flare MVP Red Bike Helmet LED Light on a bicycle helmet.


Fibre Flare is world renowned for Fibre Optic LED bike lights. Watch the video of the M.V.P. flexible bike helmet LED Light that gives you 360° visibility. now accept BItcoin!


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