May 07, 2013


"Just took delivery yesterday, used the lights last night for the first time and they are fantastic! Bright and sharp, but not blinding at all.  All the details are really nicely designed too: the clips and straps, battery clip, silicone covers.  Awesome product you have here."

"I bought this to use during the London to Brighton night ride. The light itself is really bright and lasted over four hours of continuous use. It uses 2 AAA batteries which are easy to install and can either be attached to your bike or to your jersey, using the integrated clips on the light itself. Good product and well made."

"Bought this light to enhance poor condition visibility. Superb results. Placed it on the outside rear rack down tube. Cars move around me like I'm carrying nuclear waste."

"purchased as a rear running light to attach to running pack. Nice and light (not heavy!) and very bright from only 2 x AAA."

"Just what to doctor ordered as the days get longer. I bought this and was blown away by the intensity of the flashing and also the wide field of vision. After some experimentation I've actually fixed it to the back of my helmet, so I can use it on my road bike as well as on my spare bike with the child-seat. Oh, and it's super-light too (scuse the pun) so I barely feel it on the back of my head."

"This light is really very good. I have had no problems in the rain and the battery life is long enough that I forget how long its been since I changed the batteries despite using it for about 1hr 30mins a day, every day in winter.

The light is bright and I do feel like I get given more space by overtaking cars when I wear this on my right jersey pocket. I haven't tried fixing this to my bike frame and only fit it to my jersey. I wear a medium sized jersey and I find that the long light length fits perfectly over the right pockets and I don't worry about it falling off, ever. It is really useful as it means when you go to the shops on the way home you don't have to faff with taking your lights off you bike as its just attached to your jersey. Its also easy to turn on and off when attached to a jersey."

"This light is in daily use for a total of around two and a half hours. It is very conspicuous due to it's greater than average length and very versatile as the clips on each end enable it to fastened to frame, clothing or a backpack. Battery life is excellent and it is standing up to the elements very well."

"Very bright and an excellent addition to any commuters winter lighting artillery"

"Excellent light, very bright and can be seen easily. I attach it to my backpack so its at drivers eye level."

"The combination of the very high intensity light, 360 degree visibility and the fit inducing strobe setting make this light absolutely unmissable.  There is no comparison between this light and the usual saddle post mounted lights.. you really need to get yourself one of these.  One very happy customer!"


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