About Us

Behind the Fibre Flare brand is a Melbourne (Australia) based team of designers, engineers and product developers at A.L.L. Innovations Pty Ltd (Applied Linear Light Innovations. Here at A.L.L. we've been working with Fibre Optics for over 13 years - est. 1999. We love bikes and are passionate about safety, both ours and more importantly yours!

The team is lead by Inventor and Company Founder Xavier Jablonski. Both Engineer and Optics Designer Xavier was once a highly competitive road cyclist. After many a close shave and a few life threatening accidents training and commuting by night he decided there must be a better way of being seen by motorists in more than one direction at distance (and at close range) by night... Using his experience working with side emissive fibre optics the rest is Fibre Flare history.

Fibre Flare was invented by Xavier in 2006 and launched at Interbike 2008 (USA). The Fibre Flare brand is 5 years old this year and there are now more than 18 quality Fibre Flare safety products and accessories available today.

The classic timeless Fibre Flare design won the highly competitve Eurobike Award in 2009 (Germany) for is innovative and superior design which really put Fibre Flare on the map.. FIbre Flare is now a global brand and is sold in more than 30 countries around world.

So why is Fibre Flare so successful? Because it works! Just the way you'd expect it should, Fibre Flare really saves lives!

Be seen like you mean it!....




Fibre Flare Inventor Xavier Jablonski at the Fibre Flare booth Eurobike 2009 


Xavier has been designing Fibre Optic products since 1999 and is responsibly many other great Fibre Optic inventions including Fliwire Audio Light Toy (2003) and more recently Neo-Optix Fibre Optic signage (2012) and many more.