FAQ & Technical Info

Who uses Fibre Flare?  Fibre Flare™ safety lighting products are used in many markets and applications around the world including Cycling, Motorcycle/Automotive, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Adventure Sports, Vision Impaired, Military and Occupational Health & Safety (Including Mining & Construction). Many call Fibre Flare a Bike Light, it is and much more!

How does Fibre Flare work?  Fibre Flare™ technology uses high intensity LED's to illuminate a flexible fibre optic core that lights up all around in every direction (Omni-Directional), whilst being capable of being seen at distances over 300 meters. Fibre Flare™ is a new take on traditional LED personal marker lights & LED bike lights (which are traditionally uni-directional ie: visible in one single direction using raw LED's as the primary light source).

Where do I use it?  Fibre Flare™ is amazingly versatile when it comes to mounting options. Most Fibre Flare™ products have integrated utility clips at either end that can be used to fasten to jerseys, jackets, bags, backpacks, belts & belt loops etc. As the utility clips are opposing and the fibre optic core flexible mounting options are vast!

All Fibre Flare™ products also come with two interchangeable silicone ladder slings that allow it to be securely fastened to almost any object (such as bike frames or helmets). Slings fit objects as thin as 10mm OD, up to 60mm+ OD. 

Any Design Awards? You Bet! Fibre Flare won the highly competitive Eurobike award in 2009 for its innovative features and design in the electronics category. The Eurobike award is judged in conjunction with iF International Forum Design GmbH (Hannover Germany)Eurobike is the largest Bicycle Show in the world, it is held annually held in Germany.  

Why is Fibre Flare better than or an excellent addition to using regular bike lights?  Traditional LED safety lights do light up brightly in one primary direction and generally work well for dangers approaching from directly behind or in front of you, however these traditional LED light designs fail to properly address the dangers coming from other directions and angles such as 'side approaching dangers' (see: 'Advantages of Side Visibility') 

Cars entering from intersections, side streets, parking lots, and driveways will see you clearer and faster from a ‘side visibility’ perspective using Fibre Flare Tail and Side Lights than compared to common bicycle headlights and taillights.

What are the advantages of Fibre Flare in relations to Side Visibility?  FACT: Nearly 70% of all nighttime Bicycle-Car collisions are due to inadequate side visibility; (see: source That’s a frightening statistic 70%, yet front and rear regulatory bicycle lights are designed to and required to only point / illuminate in a forward and backward direction… 

Common bicycle headlights and taillights illumination generally can not be seen on extreme angles, because they are based on ‘uni-directional’ LED light source principals; meaning they can be seen brightly from ‘one’ primary direction. Fibre Flare is unique as it emits a high intensity ‘omni-directional’ light output which is visible from nearly every direction. Fibre Flare does this by distributing its internal LED light sources via its fibre optic core which scatters the LED light along the length of the flexible fibre optic.

Why Fibre Flare wont 'Flash Blind' at close range...? Traditional LED safety lights do light up brightly in a single direction. So much so that they have the inherent drawback of ‘Flash Blinding’ others around at close range (when the uni-directional LED light beam ‘flashes’ you in the eye’s at close range) This is particularly dangerous when cycling in groups or on work site environments such as mining sites. 

Fibre Flare™ technology address the problem of 'Flash Blinding' experienced using regular bike lights by diffusing the 'uni-directiona'l LED light source and spreading it over a large surface area (the fibre optic) making it possible to view Fibre Flare as little as 1 meter away while being visible to others 300 meters away at the same time.

Fibre Flare is the only LED based personal safety lighting technology available today that is visible at great distance that wont flash blind other around at close range. Also wont irritate divers as they pass you!  

What is the Warranty on Fibre Flare products? 12 months, see full Warranty here. 

How long will it take for me to receive my Fibre Flare? Orders are packed and posted within 24hrs of receipt of order, depending on the item or location shipping can take between 3 and 14 days.

How is my order shipped? All Fibre Flare USB items are shipped via DHL express courier (3-5 Days) and are trackable. All other items are shipped by Registered Air Mail via Hong Kong Post and are also trackable (7 - 14 days). 

Is my shipment guaranteed to arrive? YES, A.L.L. Innovations Ltd guarantees all shipments and will replace any items lost in transit during delivery.

What if my my Fibre Flare breaks? First of all contact us.. SImply tell us how it broke and when/where you purchased your Fibre Flare. If its under warranty we will replace it for you free of charge, all we need is your proof of purchase or if you buy here online we can track your original order and will replace it quick smart. All replacement items are sent out at our expense via Registered Air Mail via Hong Kong Post and are also trackable (7 - 14 days).